The Culture Pushers 2018/19 AGENDA

"Artists United To End Poverty" music project

DESCRIPTION - a benefit album with the United Way to end poverty featuring the North Carolina music community's greatest producers, singers, songwriters and musicians.

WHY - Poverty is a systemic problem throughout our nation. The Culture Pushers feels that in our region we can use the power of music to help alleviate this issue.

"The Purple Haze Campaign"

DESCRIPTION - a campaign to donate guitars and lessons to students that show great promise in mastering their instrument. The presentation and initial lesson will be given by a famous or well respected guitarist in the industry.

WHY - guitar is often the foundation for songwriting and with the cut backs on music programs in the schools its vital that we continue to stress the importance of learning an instrument to teenagers.

"Dinner and Dialog" with The Culture Pushers

DESCRIPTION - as a part of our mentorship program we will hold a quarterly dinner at local restaurants with a small group of artist, producers and songwriters to discuss the music business and its ever changing landscape.

WHY - a great opportunity for one on one conversations and advise from industry professionals on how artist can take their career to the next level.

The Culture Pushers "Will Play For Food" debit card

DESCRIPTION - a Culture Pushers debt card that will allow qualified artists the ability to purchase a selection of healthy foods and beverages from our partnership with a local grocery store.

WHY - nutrition and healthy choices are essential for artist immersed in the rigorous demands of the music business.

"The Dream Factory" artist residency

DESCRIPTION - a rent free communal living space for yearly qualified applicants that excel in Music, Film and Viral marketing.

WHY - artist need relief from the financial stress that can prohibit them from the creative freedom that will allow them to reach their greatness.

Through out the year we will also continue to push the culture forward through strategic partnerships to produce a series of Masterclasses, Lectures, Artist Showcases, Benefit concerts, fundraisers and Oculus GSO...